About the Memorial

The construction of the Martin County Veterans Memorial is now underway. Current and future plans for the memorial are outlined below.


This video takes you through a fly-through Virtual Reality Tour of the proposed design for the Martin County Veterans Memorial.


A 70 foot flag pole supporting a 25′ x 15′ U.S. flag, a red granite sign and an 80′ x 8′ black granite wall with the names of Martin County Veterans have been installed as of 2019. Additional names will be added annually.


Phase II will see the creation of a secluded natural setting with areas for quiet reflection by granite benches and life-size bronze statues of military soldiers representing all past and current war eras. A Bell Cobra-Fixed Wing Attack Helicopter, AH-1-66-F-15327, has also been acquired by the committee and will be put on permanent display at the memorial site.

Facebook Posts

To all our veterans, the Yellow Ribbon group, and all of our followers, I would like to apologize for last Saturday’s 9/11 ceremony. I was aware of the event and spent part of the week weeding the garden, installing new flags, policing the grounds and weed whacking part of the grounds. What I forgot to do was lower the flag to half mast for 9/11. One needs the key and a special tool to be able to raise or lower the American flag. I am in possession of those items and I just plain forgot to get it done. No disrespect was intended and I have been called to the carpet for it by some of our supporters. To those who attended, again I apologize. ... See MoreSee Less
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I talked to Woody Woodward over a year ago and mentioned to him about a navy portion of our memorial. We want to build the outline of a ships bow and install a statue of a navy sailor. I also mentioned that we would like to find a ships bell for the memorial. Our idea was that if a navy veteran passed away, his funeral service could be held at the memorial and a color guard could ring the veteran sailor out. Eight bells is the last watch of the day. When a sailor is buried at sea, the bell is rung eight times, signifying that sailors last watch. Woody told me he would love to get us a bell for the memorial, being a navy veteran himself. He fulfilled his pledge and we are honored to accept his generous donation. Thank you Joann and Woody for your donation. ... See MoreSee Less
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